the grey argument

…and to set family and friends straight at the outset… no, grandpa is NOT referring to the steady color changes in the hair on his head and the hair in his mustache; nor is he referring to his preferred tactical camo color.  And i am not certain if it is ‘gray’ or ‘grey’.  One of those two spellings is, I’m certain, “more correct” than the other, just as I am certain I don’t care either way. 

Now, onto the salient points. I suffer from “LSTT” – “low stupidity tolerance threshold”. I know I am not alone, and for my fellow patriots, this is likely a self-diagnosis you need. I do not suffer fools gladly, I am of the mindset of “YOU! Out of the gene pool!”  That said, I have to admit to not being mindful enough of OPSEC in trying to assemble the tribe I know will have to unite to escape the killbox we all live in. But I believe I have been led to a specific few like-minded gents who have their eyes opened, and their priorities in order.  We will now shut up; with the understanding that the only secure comm is ‘lips to ear.’  There is no form of electronic comm that cannot be compromised. More correctly, all electronic comm has been compromised. All means all and that’s all all means. Our human enemy, controlled either willingly or unbeknownst by our unseen enemy; are diabolic, conniving, egomaniacal, greedy, – insert your own adjective here – ; and evil. But do not use the word ‘stupid’ – they are anything but. Much the same as those enemies who perpetrated other historic atrocities; they are indeed evil – but not stupid. Insidious, yes. Stupid? No. 

So. Grey. Or, gray. I won’t be the bright shiny nail head that sticks up to get hammered. I will be the nail head that sits flush – nay, even perhaps countersunk – but, rest assured; a nail none the less. 

Those who know me, know I am not a “finish nail”… though I will finish what I’ve started. I am more like a 16 penny heat-treated galvanized framing nail. If I did stick up, you’d need a big dang framing hammer to…     Anyway; like a framing nail; I am grey in color. Hardened. Galvanized to resist ‘rust’. I hold things together, I help “frame”. I am a good sized nail; and I will last a long time in my job of holding things together. It takes about the biggest hammer you’ve got to hammer me in; and I will make my own hole as you hit me – until you can’t hit me any more. Once I am in that hole, you will not find it easy to get me out.  The analogies go on and on.  Enough so that you would be right in thinking I should be ‘framing nail’ instead of “stormfriend”. 

I was asked the other day about just that. Stormfriend. See, there are fair weather friends, and then there are… stormfriends. They are the ones you call when for “some” reason (usually, beer. Or whiskey) your truck is stuck in the mud/sand/snow at 3 a.m.  And it is raining. Or there’s an ice storm. And to get to you will take a certain amount of… risk. Stormfriends don’t say ‘hey man, it’s 3 am and I got to work tomorrow”; or “it’s raining”; or “there’s a forest fire”. Or – again – chose your own descriptive. 

If I have to say more by way of explanation; just let me know. I will battle through my LSTT and try to give a coherent answer. Although you do need to hurry, I am off work today; and it is hot here in the hot ‘n sandy. So… well… oh look!  A beer! 


There is a season…

I was ruminating (nothing to do with rum, sadly…) the other day on the “when” timing of the coming excitement.  In the back of my mind, I can’t help thinking that all has been planned.  The folks currently in charge are not stupid. We would do well to remember that. They may be fools, they may be greedy, they may be reckless, they may be diabolical, devious, and untrustworthy…   But they are not stupid. Each step of the way toward global excitement caused by their excess, has been orchestrated. Trust me on this. Do I have anything to substantiate this? Nope. They are not stupid. I could spend every waking hour researching their steps and method; and perhaps still not find it. But, I can read the signs – and those are many, and everywhere. (do not get on the FEMA bus…)  In any case, back to my original point; I try to consider carefully the “when” of the start time.  Here’s grandpa’s two cents…

It will be at a time that allows “them” the most advantage due to the relative hardship we must endure. This almost entirely rules out spring or fall; because we can handle the “gentleness” of those seasons, such as they are. No extremes of temperature, etc.; and the general “hope” that these seasons offer. In spring, we look forward to summer… vacation, a sense of relaxation, family, togetherness…  the lightheartedness we all remember fondly when we knew school was going to be out. (cue Alice Cooper…)  In the fall, we are getting down to business once again, but at the same time, we are looking ahead to Thanksgiving, and Christmas; and “home for the holidays. (cue Kenny Loggins)

So, although I have nothing but revelatory knowledge to back it up; I’m going to go with a summer event, or a  winter event.  In summer, discomfited by heat, humidity and distracted by our ‘busy-ness’ – the perfect time to be assaulted by the ‘event’.  “Man, I’ll do anything to get to cool off…”    In winter, discomfited by cold, wind, and cold… and the holidays – and the need – of course – to participate in the economy by ravishing our paychecks with trips to Wal-Mart…   “Man, I’ll do anything to just be warm…”

We, as a unit; have about made it through spring. It will be a hot summer – global warming, remember – and we will again be busy with vacation, kids out of school, and what not…  a nearly perfect time to collapse the economy and have us preoccupied with too much, and make us compliant.  That timeline gives you about two months to prepare, if you have not. So do what you can. At least – food and water.  Should we make it through summer; then use the fall to prepare – canned goods, water, look to the basics. Find like-minded individuals and families that you KNOW…  because it will take a tribe to survive. There will be no lone rangers, trust grandpa in that.  Once we get to winter – the most likeliest of times, in my opinion – look to the east, our redemption draweth nigh.  But also look to the east – the District of Cologradalumbia – and watch what “they” are doing.

We cannot stop – or even derail – the crazy train that is even now bearing down on us with increasing speed. (cue Ozzy Osbourne…)  But all of us owe it to our families and each other to do what we can to survive the coming train wreck. I lived near San Bernardino when the train came down Cajon Pass and derailed on the curve and wiped out a subdivision; and a gas pipeline that exploded…  we lived in Colton then (Virgil Earp was sheriff there, and no; grandpa didn’t “know” him, smartass) and even from our house; the crash and the subsequent gas main explosion sounded like it was in our front yard.  Please heed the warning – what is coming will be in your front yard, and it will be horrendously loud…  and terrifying.

We can seek retribution later. Right now, look to survive.

“the next big thing…”

as I come to the realization that this laptop is … challenging…  in it’s decrepit-ness…  necessitating constant ‘saving’.

So I try again. The simple statement in the title means so many things. To sheeple, it means the latest Iwhatever personal avoidance device. (I say personal avoidance, because the devices and software and web nonsense allows sheeple to do everything virtually, and eliminates the messy personal real life interaction….); or the latest unreality show; both of which and more are created especially to get the sheeple’s attention off of what is going on and back to cyberlife where it belongs – allowing “them” to have the sheeple go to work, pay taxes, and get no where. Fast.  To those of us who are awake, the next big thing will be the crossing of the Rubicon, the line in the sand, the river of no return… the tipping point. It will be where we are – finally – mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore.  Weppose get closer to that each moment of each day.  There is a reason why I do what I do, and why I suppose I should share. I want a clear conscience; that I did what I could. The time is coming, and now likely is; when there will be wife, kids, and grandkids; all looking at me and saying “what do we do now?”  Because I have been cognizant of my responsibility; I cannot look into their eyes at that time and say “I don’t know.”  No, papa needs to know.  That will be the time for deeds, not words.  There are a lot of people out there who talk the talk, but when it is time to walk the walk, some of us will… walk.  Some guys I know are confident that there will be “at least” some electricity”; or food, or whatever.  My advice is: don’t count on it.  I have a big diesel SUV; for those who know SUVs, I just revealed what it is I drive. I have a big dog, he is friendly and very protective. He seems friendly, wags his tail, he looks furry and nice and if you get close to him he will sniff at you and lick you and then bite you. You are not in his family; so you need to stay away.  I own guns, but I will not “depend” on them. I know a lot of guys who own firearms, and when the excitement starts, they will hesitate. I won’t. I have already reckoned it in my mind, so if you hesitate…    I will protect my family by being smart; not aggressive. I will protect my family by being wise, not foolhardy. I realize I cannot stay awake all the time, so I am networking in my area of operations, and I am forming – slowly and wisely – a tribe. We are diverse, we are not all of one type. We live in a city for now, and all of us know we cannot survive in this or any other kill box.  So we plan on our tactical withdrawal; and where we will go.

As for all the stupid things the powers that be have planned for me and those who think – believe – as I do; well…   I am going to have to say no to that.

I will be more diligent in posting. That is my promise to me.

absolutely everything counts

Hello to the III. I will endeavor to share over a half century on earth worth of experience with you; take it or leave it; that is up to you.
As I was walking through the work environment the other early morning; heading out to my truck; I came to the realization that with the direction we are going; absolutely everything will be important. Little bits of wire, nuts, bolts – who knows what – may become of inestimable value, when the ability to create those items ceases. If you don’t agree, I’m good with that. But know that to a certain extent you are betting your life and the lives of those you love; on the decisions you make today.  I work in passenger aviation; it is not glamorous; it is hard work. (the glamour is above the wing, not where I work… ) In any case, we have a habit of picking things up that might get ingested into the large turbines we work around.  So all of us, most anyway, have spent time picking up all variety of things. This is called “fodding”; picking up “foreign object damage” items. In the years I’ve done this, I now have the habit of “fodding” the planet. I pick up everything I see that gets bypassed; and the other day it occurred to me that it is what all of us will be doing by necessity once the excitement begins. I have found nuts, bolts washers, nylon strap, tools – all kinds of things. I am not sure I want to share this because it means less of all this for me… but I can’t fod the entire world; and it might help you and yours. Absolutely everything will matter.

been down this road before…

sadly, I’ve been down this road before…  but then we moved. Georgia to Southern Utah to Southern California (to regroup at Grandma’s) and now to… well, none of your business. But here’s the deal. I will endeavor to do all I can to keep you straight, and you keep me straight. Let me tell you that no, you aren’t ready for what’s coming at us like a freight train; and neither am I. But together we can be “more ready”…  There are some people that I would like to think of as being able to live through what is on the way. And, honestly, there are some that no matter what I do; won’t live through it; and that will leave the rest of us with a mess to clean up; because we won’t be able to ignore it.  There is an old Grateful Dead song that says “what a long strange trip it’s been”.  It is going to be that, for sure. I want desperately to be optimistic, but I am a realist. It is not going to be pretty.

I need to let you know at the outset that I am a III percenter. A patriot. If you are like-minded, great. If you aren’t; I’m ok with that too. If you are a government stooge; then I guess I am your enemy. I am a Christian, I believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God. I own guns and have a strict belief in my right to do so; that right is granted by my Creator, not by the Constitution or the Bill of Rights – both documents I believe were written by statesmen of the type we no longer have in our government. And I believe in them, for the most part. I drive one of those real big four wheel drive trucks, and I believe that while the sand in the middle east is “theirs”; the oil is ours because without us giving them the ability to drill and extract it; and a market to sell it to; they are goat herders and desert nomads. Not that there is something wrong with either of those things, but I want to share perspective with you. And you should know,  I will protect my family even if it means you will have to lose your life.

I don’t negotiate, and I will not take prisoners.

As for ‘stormfriend’…  well, let’s just say that there are “fair weather friends” and then there are…

Stormfriends. Those are the ones you call at 3 a.m. because you are stuck in the mud; or you need a jump start; or you and your kids don’t have any food and I know you would be there for me so I am there for you.

Here you may find song lyrics, you may find pictures to inspire, or scare, or awaken.

Here there be monsters. I ache for the country I grew up in; and I ache that my children and grandchildren had that stolen from them; perhaps because I was not watchful enough.

I am awake now. Vigilant. I read years ago that you don’t have to fear rattling sabers; because that is for show. “Look! I’ve got a saber…”

Drawing a saber makes no noise, only a whisper…

Do you hear?