Listen up. Grandpa is only going to tell you this once. After that, you get punched in your forehead and/or throat

1) Turn off the t.v., and get your news from, or WRSA. Scan, the conservative treehouse, and; at least every other day, for news you can use. Check links out for mdt, max velocity, dtg, the Captain’s Journal, etc. – Get any other news from conservative radio, or even the foreign press. Do NOT listen to progressive bullshit.

2) Exercise. Establish a PT schedule, even a pansy one; and get busy. You and your couch are in a blood feud. Kill the fucker, because it will kill you.

3) Learn to love your weapons, and care for them. All of them. In the dark.

4) repeat #3

5) Don’t spend money on shit you don’t need. Make sammiches, never eat ‘fast food’. You’re better off fasting. Every payday, more ammo. And a beer or two. Once a month, whiskey. And dog food. (you do have a big fucking dog, right?)

6) Build community. At work, home, and church. You are not the Lone Ranger, and won’t be Rambo. Begin to know who you can trust – and who can trust you.

7) Read your Bible, and pray. Visit Miss Lisa’s blog for music, and contemplation. Keep your head on a swivel, eyes up, and your head out of your ass.
A time is coming, and now is…

Glean what you can clean, and stay mean. Now none ya can say no one told you.

If this fucked up country makes it to summer, it fucking won’t make it to autumn. Stay frosty, it’s going to get loud.

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