Maybe you don’t believe, but I do

We are only a few days into the Presidency of Donald Trump, and already people (the ones you’d likely expect) are losing their minds and going batshit crazy. It is almost as if they are actually foolish enough to desire a war between the races, the sexes, the old and young, the city folk versus the country boys… and on and on.

Unless you are an idiot, no one wants civil war. So ask yourselves, why are these idiots pushing for one?  The SDS in the 60s were radical, violent, and smart. Kids today, not so much. They are funded by someone, surely; because these “spontaneous ” events have preprinted signs and tshirts. Spontaneous?   No. And in the unending effort to stir the pot, let’s think about the things -revealed about Mike Flynn. The idiots revealed that the information was from phone calls recorded in BEFORE Trump was President. You know, like when he was a PRIVATE CITIZEN.

Sadly, this crap has gone on for far too long and we will have to kill about a third of the country before the rest wake up with a resounding WTF?

Please look up the map of who voted for who in this last election, and then realize that the food, water, electricity, etc., comes from those red areas, populated by those who elected this President.  Then, use that knowledge to make a somewhat educated guess as to who has been purchasing firearms – and ammunition – in month over month, year over year – records, for the eight years Bathhouse Barracks 0’Blameless has been pretzeldent. (yes, that twisted). In the words of movie William Wallace, (since the actual one’s quotes are lost to history) “I’m goin’ to pick a fight”.

No one with a lick of sense wants this. Only the ignorant and senseless are pushing for it. And they will die by the thousands, horribly. In their deceptions, and ignorance, they claim a desire to make a better world. And they will, by dying for it.

This link is for those of us who cling bitterly to our guns, our God, and our sanity…



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