241 years of always faithful

That is a long time, to be at the ready to defend this nation. A real long time . And here I am, two days after the most ridiculous election of  a generation if not in history; and I sit amazed as I watch Clinton supporters do exactly what they said Trump supporters would do, if the lying contemptible pedophile had been elected, rather than Donald Trump. But she was not. And their vitriol and hatred exceeds that which they claim “ours” would have been… because they still don’t understand the restraint we’ve shown for decades. I’ve seen reports of ‘tweets’ (really? do adults actually do that?) that say “rural=stupid”. No, you liberal motard, ‘rural = food’. We’ve been insulted – and still are being insulted – because we believe in God, we believe this nation was blessed by God and gifted to our forefathers for a reason. We believe that in years past we actually were the ‘shining city on a hill”. Foolishly, we trusted and believed that others here were much like us. Or, aspired to be so. We have learned the difficult lesson that is not so. We are not racist, homophobic, ignorant, backward, or intolerant. We prefer the company of our own race, for the most part – just as you prefer the company of yours; and for the same reasons. We are not homophobic, we pray for you because God tells us to love the sinner but hate the sin. And, you are an abomination to Him – unlike others, He knows you, He’s your Creator, and He did not ‘make’ you that way. But we do not judge you, or fear you; we are quite tired however of you expecting us to grant you special treatment because of your bedroom habits. Keep that shit behind your bedroom door, just like we do. Nor are we ignorant. You may someday learn that the internet is an amazing tool for learning, not simply posting “selfies” or updating face book. You may someday learn that working – earning a living – raising a family, and interaction with folks in reality rather than online; and reading books; can teach you a lot.  Nor are we backward; the values and morals we share have been the result of centuries of trial and error, throughout civilization. They are tried and true for reasons you don’t comprehend. We haven’t seen fit to change them, because “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

As for intolerant, let’s just say we own at least 200 million firearms, and a shit ton of ammunition. And we practice and train with them. And we have other assets you aren’t even intelligent enough to understand or question. If we were intolerant, you’d be dead.

So, continue your tears… Trump was elected by us because we are sick and tired of your nonsense. Cry all you want, but sit down and shut up. We are closer to snapping and kicking your childish, selfish asses than you realize. For your own safety, stop poking the bear. Get over yourselves, while we work with the President elect to set things right. It won’t be easy, but it will happen. We honestly do wish you would grow up, understand, and pitch in.

If you don’t, the work will get done anyway. But understand what this election really means – we’re fed up, pissed off actually. Really angry. And if you continue to act as you are, do not expect us to remain conciliatory. Do not expect us to give up, or give in. We are close to the realization that it may still end up being “all of us, or all of you”. If that happens, you will lose more than just the election.

This is what our whisper sounds like. You do not want to hear us thunder.

May God give us all peace.



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