Something wicked this way comes…

…with apologies to Ray Bradbury. I’d apologize to the innocent, as well, but I believe God protects them as a matter of heavenly routine, as has been said. The rest of us, well, let’s just say; whatever side you’re on, we’re about  to get what we’ve all been asking for, in one way or another. No sane person wants a ‘hot’ civil war. But those on the left want to remain in power, the rich want to get richer; the races are bitterly divided, city dwellers don’t care about farmers, radical women hate men, gays hate heteros… etc.  The kicker is this – those “bitter clingers”; so blithely dismissed and arrogantly overlooked, that populate ‘fly over country’ and desire liberty to live their lives, raise their kids and grandkids, go to church and the grocery store and Wal-Mart; drive pickup trucks, and own firearms – well, we’re fed up. Trump’s popularity, his missteps and vulgarity and what not, make us happy. Because while y’all have been marginalizing us, we’ve been planning and preparing; and guess what? We’ve learned to hate you, too. We’re almost at the point where turning the other cheek ain’t gonna happen. Only place our cheek is going to go is the stock of a rifle. The other day, a hard working coworker said he got a call from someone regarding a plan to take care of his IRS back taxes. He said he has a plan to take care of his back taxes, all right; but it’s not one of the plans presented to him…  and there’s a lot of that in the country right now. More people than not – and I talk to folks, lots of folks, everyday – and this is a cross section, too; young, old, black, white, well to do, poor… – and they are pissed off. Not just upset, or irritated. Pissed off, as in going to snap and not take anymore crap. And they’re not going to ‘settle down’; or let bygones be bygones. No sir, they are willing and able and about ready to… well, to not put too fine a point on it… ready to fuck some shit up. And some people, too. People who heretofore thought themselves above it. People who will be quite surprised when that noose is around their neck. People who “are gonna know, when the bullet hits the bone.”

Fed up doesn’t do this kind of anger any justice. It will be loud, it will be ugly, it will be painful, and at this point it is inevitable. Something will be the spark. The tinder is already set, so is the fuel. And all the king’s horses, and all the king’s men…

I’ve got kids, and grandkids – and folks I care about, deeply – all over this country. I can’t save all of ’em; but I’m going to do what I can. I am only one guy. But, I also know I’m not the only guy. It’s going to be sporty soon. Choose today who you will serve. As for me and my house…      and, remember –

The Lord is a warrior.

3 thoughts on “Something wicked this way comes…

  1. People like to say violence never solves problems, but they’re either lying or kidding themselves. Wars happen often, and we’re supposed to be having one now, but I’m sure you all know we’re not fighting who they say we are. When you see that mongrel infesting the Whites’ House bringing in Somalis and Syrians, this ain’t no war on terror, its a war to terrorise us. Don’t worry too much about that chickenshit Martial Law talk. If that mongrel White hating bastard had the troops he would have done it by now and we all know those spineless Nancy Boys in Congress wouldn’t even try to stop him.

    • Violence is the only thing that will make them see sense. The BLM folks, the muslims, hell – even women and gays – use varying degrees and types of violence to achieve their goals. It invokes fear, a primal response. The only thing “they” understand is strength… so perhaps we default to ‘Negotiations 101’ – beginning with ‘knee on chest, knife at throat’

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