too close to trigger time…

So, today; as I’m walking to the store, since I cannot afford to fix the transmission in my truck – because the economy is bouncing back so well, home sales are up, employment is up, the spotted puppy is sleeping under the red wagon on the green grass on a sunny summer day, rainbows and unicorns and… etc. etc. etc.; and I pass a soon to be anachronism of American history – a coin operated newspaper vending box, outside of another soon to be American anachronism, the ‘restaurant’; and I see that our illustrious leader has spoken…  and said…”we… might have underestimated ISIS, and may have overestimated the Iraqi army.”  Oh, really?  Who’da thunk it?  The terrorists that slammed their way across Syria and Iraq in months, wiping out what it took us lots of lives, $, and time to “free”…   we… underestimated them.  And the Iraqi army, that we swept aside like DUST in a few hours, we… seem to have overestimated them.

I would laugh, if I didn’t want to scream and cry. Last night, in reviewing other recent historical events, I came across N. Pelosi saying “we have to pass it, so we can find out what’s in it.”  Dear God in Heaven, people; what in Jesus’ name are you thinking about? What is it you read, watch, think, or what not? Why oh why – other than undeserved compassion – keeps you from hanging these ‘people’ (and I use that term with great latitude…) from streetlamps?  Are you serious? Can anyone – really – tell me with a straight face that this is OK with them? And there are states in this union that actually grant a license to drive, to these folks – and those who say NOTHING IS WRONG?  God has not created enough compassion – or whiskey – in the history of the world, to make any of this seem sensible.

But, the internet is full of folks who can opine about it, ad infinitum. Perhaps not as well as I, or perhaps better. No matter. My issue is this; to those who consider themselves to be on the realistic side of things. (thank you to Max V.  for putting to phrase that which my heart feels – I am a realist.) I look around, I read, and honestly, I despair; of what was at some point in history; our beloved country. I grew up in the Midwest. Geographically, it is still there. But the corn fields, and wheat fields; well, it’s just not the same. I don’t know when we fell asleep at the switch, and allowed the train of state to turn onto a siding instead of staying on the Main Line; I know it was more than one of us; and I know that it is the height of American arrogance to think for one minute that we will not face a come-uppance from God for the poor stewardship over the gifts He has blessed us with; here in what was the shining city on a hill; the hope of mankind; etc.  There are those among us who are so distant from the American ideal; that they are content with “American Idol”. (Lord have mercy on us)  My own cousins stay in contact using “facebbook” instead of a letter or phone call; because it is “easier.”  Yes, by all means, let us take convenience over meaning. Let us not invest any more time/effort/thought into ANYTHING than we have to. We hand cell phones to 7 year olds, “pads” to 9 year olds, video games to older kids – so we don’t have to interact with them; which allows us to spend more time doing adult things – like texting each other, watching sports, or the latest episode of “Kitchen something or other”.  (really, everyone? “Kitchen Stadium”?  it’s a joke, right? please tell me, please, please, please…)

Now, that there’s only a few left reading; listen – grandpa is only going to say this once.  We don’t have welders, carpenters, cabinet makers, machinists, mechanics, teachers, statesmen, farmers, ranchers, butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers…  in any great numbers in this country anymore. It is not a pity, it is a crime. When we surpasses “number of farmers” with “number of lawyers” – we needed a big bucket of ice water dumped on our collective heads.  The aforementioned trades, and others (barbers, and… oh, nevermind) will be NEEDED, and it will be sooner rather than later. I read recently that “what cannot go on forever, won’t. Amen to that.  As for me, I will not go quietly into the dark night.  Do me a favor, and yourself a bigger one. Go to your kitchen, get a nice big tumbler from the cupboard. Fill it with ice, and then water. Let it sit for a minute. (be thankful you can still get water from a tap, and ice from your own freezer, it won’t go on forever either) Once it is nice and chilled; lean over the sink and dump it onto your head, while you think about what it is I’ve written here; and what it implies for you, your family, the folks on your street and in your town/state/nation. Then go back and read it again; but don’t waste any time trying to understand “how we got here.” That doesn’t matter because we can’t change history. Think intelligently, innovatively, and best of all with good ol’ American ingenuity – about how we get out of here. That’s is today’s imperative. We don’t care who brought us here, we’ll deal with those lying characters later. Think about how you will feed/clothe/protect/care for your family and those dear to you in the coming darkness and excitement. And please don’t say “no one told me it would be this bad’ because I just did. And if we’re lucky, it won’t be as bad as I think it will be. No, if we’re lucky, it won’t be worse. But we are way past the point of “it will be” because… it will be.

Thus endeth the lesson. May God have mercy on us. This may no longer be the land of the free, but it is still the home of the brave.   Stormfriend sends III

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