Until we say “no”…

The other day, the rotund homosexual that for some reason is a manager at our company; offered the final insult I will endure without comment at my current job. I am a professional; and to have him sit smugly in judgement of my job performance – a job he is in almost every way imaginable incapable of doing – and tell me my performance needs to ‘improve’; based on what he’s “heard”; is at minimum professionally insulting; morally repugnant; and – to paraphrase a friend of mine – wrong to me as a man. I was a man long before I accepted this job; and I will be a man long after this job disappears into economic decay. (perhaps this is God’s way of encouraging me to move along… I shall pray)
About a month ago, my integrity was questioned by another manager; after needing to take a day to attend to personal medical business; I was told I ‘refused mandatory overtime.’ Which in fact was not accurate. It was a lie; but as I cannot ‘prove’ it; I will just say those who state I refused mandatory overtime have perhaps a less than accurate recollection of events that’ day, I did work mandatory overtime the following day; but that seems to be a moot point. I asked at the time whether or not it was necessary for me to provide documentation; and was told it was not. One week later, well; yes, you need documentation. Your integrity is called into question. You were seen at a company function; and so therefore could have been at work… Or, I could have simply stayed home and hid; and you folks in upper management wouldn’t even know what I did that day. The truth is important, I was told.
Fast forward to last night. I was told that an underling – a lazy, union employee; who “hides” behind the union contract and does nothing he is not “required” to do; stated I directed him to do something that is non-standard, not dangerous – something done almost every day at work in order to accomplish tasks quickly. I did not direct him to do so, and really have little understanding as to ‘why’ he would ‘go this way’; but my point is… I offered to go and get the individuals assigned to do the task correctly – in direct contradiction of what this individual claimed – and was told, basically – that in this matter; the truth is not important; it was simply his ‘claim’ that would be believed.
This is a personal microcosm of why our country is in the state it is in today.
The truth does matter, to some of us. What is important, moral, right, and best in all of us – does matter. I have read years ago that “Character Matters”. It is what we do when no one else (except God) can see us; that makes us who we are.
Gay rights have become more important than the rights of those who are not. Christian values and principles are trashed and the values of the value-less are lauded. Those who work are chided by those ‘along for the ride’; because how foolish we must be, to work pedaling the bicycle when we could simply sit down and enjoy the ride.
Those of us who agree are going to be stuck in this nonsense until we say ‘no’.
I for one, am very very close to not needing my job so overly much that I am willing to be insulted; have my values, professionalism, and hard work; trivialized by a overweight homosexual who disgusts me in his mannerisms and lack of correct spelling and usage guidelines in email….
What is the quote from “Network”? Oh yes…

Update: I was terminated for ‘poor performance’ by these same people who do not understand – even comprehend – what it is that my workgroup and I do.  You know, I actually feel pretty good about it. Yeah, the loss of income is a setback, but… enough of their crap. Them without me is much more of a disadvantage than me without them…

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