brain challenge

Ok… today for some reason known only to God; as I went to put some diesel into the palomino with what little is left of my paycheck; Hannity and Coulter were on the radio; talking about Donald Sterling being a racist; Cliven Bundy being a racist; etc. ad nauseum. Why is it that those with little to say; and little to back it up; are given public forums on the airwaves? Oh wait – I forgot… to keep the sheeple from putting their eyes on the ball, and swinging for the fences.
Here’s the point. Seriously. Donald Sterling has a zillion dollars for some reason; and has already shown he doesn’t care what you, me, or anyone else thinks. So, why waste our time? As for Cliven Bundy – I have intelligent friends who happen to be black; and they have told me that NOTHING Cliven Bundy has said was 1) racist, or 2) incorrect. If you don’t think you are a slave to the system, if you don’t realize you are a wage slave; if you don’t realize… let’s just say that because you don’t ‘get it’ doesn’t make Bundy wrong – or a racist. It simply means you need to turn off reality television and connect with ‘reality reality’. It isn’t Obama, Bush, Reagan, Carter, LBJ… this has gone on for over a century – progressivism. Socialism. The slow change to the ruling elite, and the workers. No middle class. If you don’t see it, ask YOURSELF why. You are deceived. You have an enemy; several in fact; and you don’t even KNOW it…
Face it, the majority of the sheeple in this land don’t get it. Their eyes are off the ball, they will swing – and miss.
Let me give you something of value, and I won’t charge you for it, because that is the cool kind of guy grandpa is.
You need to go to the grocery store and start to buy canned goods; water; first aid supplies, beer, bullets, bread, a generator, a solar panel, a flashlight, candles, beer, a good barbeque grill that uses wood or briquettes, beer, some biodegradable soap, matches, a hatchet, a gun if you don’t own one; beer; and, so I don’t forget; barter items. And keep your car as full of fossil fuel as you can.
I’m sure some of you will ask why.
So, I will tell you. Excitement is coming; it is going to get sporty really soon; and if you aren’t ready for it when the festivities begin; may God help you. No one else will.
I was off work today – one in a row! – and saw “Enemy of the State”. The Gene Hackman character says “It’s a brave new world out there. At least, it better be…”

2 thoughts on “brain challenge

  1. “Why is it that those with little to say; and little to back it up; are given public forums on the airwaves? Oh wait – I forgot… to keep the sheeple from putting their eyes on the ball, and swinging for the fences.”

    Amen, brother. Amen.
    I’m confident Hannity is a decent person; but, God bless him, he’s just not that bright. I never listened to him much because his deficiencies were obvious early. Likewise, the one I call “the dumbest man in America”, a.k.a. O’Reilly.
    I owe much to listening to Limbaugh, Levin, and Glenn Beck. But now, listening to any of them for more than 15 minutes is merely a test of endurance to gauge my frustration levels.

    • Of all of them, I listen to Mark Levin. Beck is… too errant, and Rush has gone from the Rush of years ago to ‘the EIB’. Too many mispronounced words, too much bombast… Levin gets excited, hell we all do; but he stays coherent and relevant…
      Anyway, as Loki says: “trust my rage”….. and, weirdly for me… Katy Perry. WTF?
      How did I read the stars so wrong?
      (I’m wide awake)
      And now it’s clear to me
      That everything you see
      Ain’t always what it seems
      (I’m wide awake)
      Yeah, I was dreaming for so long
      I wish I knew then
      What I know now
      Wouldn’t dive in
      Wouldn’t bow down
      Gravity hurts
      You made it so sweet
      ‘Til I woke up on
      On the concrete…”
      Be blessed, family

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