Independence Day

This day, and this country; have meant so much to me over the years; and throughout my life. Our church used to meet at the city park on the evening of the 4th; it was a pot luck and there was so much food; and probably 100 home made pies of so many varieties… i have watched fireworks from the end of the pier in Huntington Beach; from the roads up in the hills above LA; from the parking lot of a big shopping mall in Georgia; from the bluffs by the old airport in St. George, Utah… from the hills above the valley in Las Vegas… at Disneyland… I am truly blessed. And I am truly angry; that – on my watch, no less – this country has gone from my idealistic dream as a child; to where it is today. Where is that, the question begs… We are, sadly, past the crossroads. There is another crossroad ahead; this one coming up has two turns, and both of them are vicious. And i have kids, and grandkids; and I am very angry. i was disappointed at the betrayal of those entrusted with the values we hold dear; with the historicity of what our country has always stood for; and I honestly don’t believe that it was a lie. As an aside, I was discussing the moon landing a while ago with one of my sons, and the question was ‘was the moon landing faked?” And i said most likely not; because although imperfect; the men they selected to be astronauts had… integrity. Unlike the “heroes” of today; these men – astronauts, as well as those in positions of responsibility – told the truth. But now, truth is relative; not absolute. And “Absolut” is a vodka. And truth is debatable. And… there are none so blind as those who WILL not see. Having eyes… they don’t see. Having ears, they do not hear. It is a choice. And for some reason, they expect us to be just as deaf and blind ‘for real’ as they choose to be.
And it is okay with them that my children and grandchildren will be in debt and impoverished to allow ‘them’ to continue with their golden lifestyle. I don’t know if ‘they’ read this; perhaps no one does and i am simply a voice crying out in the wilderness.
But this voice is angry, and it won’t go away; and it owns firearms it won’t surrender. i am not as young as I wish. If I was, I’d go pick a fight. But as Thomas Paine wrote “if there is to be trouble, let it be in my time, that my children shall know peace.”
Oftentimes, as I go to work again to simply pay my bills; i see the set up that intentionally keeps us all in debt; keeps us as cogs in the economic machine that supports “them” and enslaves “us”; and it angers me still more.
I will not go quietly into this dark night; the majority of us won’t. I won’t wish ‘them’ anything any more; i simply pray that for them, the knot is tight, and the drop is short. What was it John Wayne said? Oh yeah, ‘I saw a man hanged once, and heard it described as ghastly. And that’s what it is; ghastly. And they deserve that.” “They” have stolen this country, We’re going to take it back, too; because one day the t.v. and all the other distractions will not function; and slowly the sheep will wake up; see what’s lost – and then, if it hasn’t begun yet… it will.

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