the grey argument

…and to set family and friends straight at the outset… no, grandpa is NOT referring to the steady color changes in the hair on his head and the hair in his mustache; nor is he referring to his preferred tactical camo color.  And i am not certain if it is ‘gray’ or ‘grey’.  One of those two spellings is, I’m certain, “more correct” than the other, just as I am certain I don’t care either way. 

Now, onto the salient points. I suffer from “LSTT” – “low stupidity tolerance threshold”. I know I am not alone, and for my fellow patriots, this is likely a self-diagnosis you need. I do not suffer fools gladly, I am of the mindset of “YOU! Out of the gene pool!”  That said, I have to admit to not being mindful enough of OPSEC in trying to assemble the tribe I know will have to unite to escape the killbox we all live in. But I believe I have been led to a specific few like-minded gents who have their eyes opened, and their priorities in order.  We will now shut up; with the understanding that the only secure comm is ‘lips to ear.’  There is no form of electronic comm that cannot be compromised. More correctly, all electronic comm has been compromised. All means all and that’s all all means. Our human enemy, controlled either willingly or unbeknownst by our unseen enemy; are diabolic, conniving, egomaniacal, greedy, – insert your own adjective here – ; and evil. But do not use the word ‘stupid’ – they are anything but. Much the same as those enemies who perpetrated other historic atrocities; they are indeed evil – but not stupid. Insidious, yes. Stupid? No. 

So. Grey. Or, gray. I won’t be the bright shiny nail head that sticks up to get hammered. I will be the nail head that sits flush – nay, even perhaps countersunk – but, rest assured; a nail none the less. 

Those who know me, know I am not a “finish nail”… though I will finish what I’ve started. I am more like a 16 penny heat-treated galvanized framing nail. If I did stick up, you’d need a big dang framing hammer to…     Anyway; like a framing nail; I am grey in color. Hardened. Galvanized to resist ‘rust’. I hold things together, I help “frame”. I am a good sized nail; and I will last a long time in my job of holding things together. It takes about the biggest hammer you’ve got to hammer me in; and I will make my own hole as you hit me – until you can’t hit me any more. Once I am in that hole, you will not find it easy to get me out.  The analogies go on and on.  Enough so that you would be right in thinking I should be ‘framing nail’ instead of “stormfriend”. 

I was asked the other day about just that. Stormfriend. See, there are fair weather friends, and then there are… stormfriends. They are the ones you call when for “some” reason (usually, beer. Or whiskey) your truck is stuck in the mud/sand/snow at 3 a.m.  And it is raining. Or there’s an ice storm. And to get to you will take a certain amount of… risk. Stormfriends don’t say ‘hey man, it’s 3 am and I got to work tomorrow”; or “it’s raining”; or “there’s a forest fire”. Or – again – chose your own descriptive. 

If I have to say more by way of explanation; just let me know. I will battle through my LSTT and try to give a coherent answer. Although you do need to hurry, I am off work today; and it is hot here in the hot ‘n sandy. So… well… oh look!  A beer!