There is a season…

I was ruminating (nothing to do with rum, sadly…) the other day on the “when” timing of the coming excitement.  In the back of my mind, I can’t help thinking that all has been planned.  The folks currently in charge are not stupid. We would do well to remember that. They may be fools, they may be greedy, they may be reckless, they may be diabolical, devious, and untrustworthy…   But they are not stupid. Each step of the way toward global excitement caused by their excess, has been orchestrated. Trust me on this. Do I have anything to substantiate this? Nope. They are not stupid. I could spend every waking hour researching their steps and method; and perhaps still not find it. But, I can read the signs – and those are many, and everywhere. (do not get on the FEMA bus…)  In any case, back to my original point; I try to consider carefully the “when” of the start time.  Here’s grandpa’s two cents…

It will be at a time that allows “them” the most advantage due to the relative hardship we must endure. This almost entirely rules out spring or fall; because we can handle the “gentleness” of those seasons, such as they are. No extremes of temperature, etc.; and the general “hope” that these seasons offer. In spring, we look forward to summer… vacation, a sense of relaxation, family, togetherness…  the lightheartedness we all remember fondly when we knew school was going to be out. (cue Alice Cooper…)  In the fall, we are getting down to business once again, but at the same time, we are looking ahead to Thanksgiving, and Christmas; and “home for the holidays. (cue Kenny Loggins)

So, although I have nothing but revelatory knowledge to back it up; I’m going to go with a summer event, or a  winter event.  In summer, discomfited by heat, humidity and distracted by our ‘busy-ness’ – the perfect time to be assaulted by the ‘event’.  “Man, I’ll do anything to get to cool off…”    In winter, discomfited by cold, wind, and cold… and the holidays – and the need – of course – to participate in the economy by ravishing our paychecks with trips to Wal-Mart…   “Man, I’ll do anything to just be warm…”

We, as a unit; have about made it through spring. It will be a hot summer – global warming, remember – and we will again be busy with vacation, kids out of school, and what not…  a nearly perfect time to collapse the economy and have us preoccupied with too much, and make us compliant.  That timeline gives you about two months to prepare, if you have not. So do what you can. At least – food and water.  Should we make it through summer; then use the fall to prepare – canned goods, water, look to the basics. Find like-minded individuals and families that you KNOW…  because it will take a tribe to survive. There will be no lone rangers, trust grandpa in that.  Once we get to winter – the most likeliest of times, in my opinion – look to the east, our redemption draweth nigh.  But also look to the east – the District of Cologradalumbia – and watch what “they” are doing.

We cannot stop – or even derail – the crazy train that is even now bearing down on us with increasing speed. (cue Ozzy Osbourne…)  But all of us owe it to our families and each other to do what we can to survive the coming train wreck. I lived near San Bernardino when the train came down Cajon Pass and derailed on the curve and wiped out a subdivision; and a gas pipeline that exploded…  we lived in Colton then (Virgil Earp was sheriff there, and no; grandpa didn’t “know” him, smartass) and even from our house; the crash and the subsequent gas main explosion sounded like it was in our front yard.  Please heed the warning – what is coming will be in your front yard, and it will be horrendously loud…  and terrifying.

We can seek retribution later. Right now, look to survive.

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