“the next big thing…”

as I come to the realization that this laptop is … challenging…  in it’s decrepit-ness…  necessitating constant ‘saving’.

So I try again. The simple statement in the title means so many things. To sheeple, it means the latest Iwhatever personal avoidance device. (I say personal avoidance, because the devices and software and web nonsense allows sheeple to do everything virtually, and eliminates the messy personal real life interaction….); or the latest unreality show; both of which and more are created especially to get the sheeple’s attention off of what is going on and back to cyberlife where it belongs – allowing “them” to have the sheeple go to work, pay taxes, and get no where. Fast.  To those of us who are awake, the next big thing will be the crossing of the Rubicon, the line in the sand, the river of no return… the tipping point. It will be where we are – finally – mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore.  Weppose get closer to that each moment of each day.  There is a reason why I do what I do, and why I suppose I should share. I want a clear conscience; that I did what I could. The time is coming, and now likely is; when there will be wife, kids, and grandkids; all looking at me and saying “what do we do now?”  Because I have been cognizant of my responsibility; I cannot look into their eyes at that time and say “I don’t know.”  No, papa needs to know.  That will be the time for deeds, not words.  There are a lot of people out there who talk the talk, but when it is time to walk the walk, some of us will… walk.  Some guys I know are confident that there will be “at least” some electricity”; or food, or whatever.  My advice is: don’t count on it.  I have a big diesel SUV; for those who know SUVs, I just revealed what it is I drive. I have a big dog, he is friendly and very protective. He seems friendly, wags his tail, he looks furry and nice and if you get close to him he will sniff at you and lick you and then bite you. You are not in his family; so you need to stay away.  I own guns, but I will not “depend” on them. I know a lot of guys who own firearms, and when the excitement starts, they will hesitate. I won’t. I have already reckoned it in my mind, so if you hesitate…    I will protect my family by being smart; not aggressive. I will protect my family by being wise, not foolhardy. I realize I cannot stay awake all the time, so I am networking in my area of operations, and I am forming – slowly and wisely – a tribe. We are diverse, we are not all of one type. We live in a city for now, and all of us know we cannot survive in this or any other kill box.  So we plan on our tactical withdrawal; and where we will go.

As for all the stupid things the powers that be have planned for me and those who think – believe – as I do; well…   I am going to have to say no to that.

I will be more diligent in posting. That is my promise to me.

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