absolutely everything counts

Hello to the III. I will endeavor to share over a half century on earth worth of experience with you; take it or leave it; that is up to you.
As I was walking through the work environment the other early morning; heading out to my truck; I came to the realization that with the direction we are going; absolutely everything will be important. Little bits of wire, nuts, bolts – who knows what – may become of inestimable value, when the ability to create those items ceases. If you don’t agree, I’m good with that. But know that to a certain extent you are betting your life and the lives of those you love; on the decisions you make today.  I work in passenger aviation; it is not glamorous; it is hard work. (the glamour is above the wing, not where I work… ) In any case, we have a habit of picking things up that might get ingested into the large turbines we work around.  So all of us, most anyway, have spent time picking up all variety of things. This is called “fodding”; picking up “foreign object damage” items. In the years I’ve done this, I now have the habit of “fodding” the planet. I pick up everything I see that gets bypassed; and the other day it occurred to me that it is what all of us will be doing by necessity once the excitement begins. I have found nuts, bolts washers, nylon strap, tools – all kinds of things. I am not sure I want to share this because it means less of all this for me… but I can’t fod the entire world; and it might help you and yours. Absolutely everything will matter.

been down this road before…

sadly, I’ve been down this road before…  but then we moved. Georgia to Southern Utah to Southern California (to regroup at Grandma’s) and now to… well, none of your business. But here’s the deal. I will endeavor to do all I can to keep you straight, and you keep me straight. Let me tell you that no, you aren’t ready for what’s coming at us like a freight train; and neither am I. But together we can be “more ready”…  There are some people that I would like to think of as being able to live through what is on the way. And, honestly, there are some that no matter what I do; won’t live through it; and that will leave the rest of us with a mess to clean up; because we won’t be able to ignore it.  There is an old Grateful Dead song that says “what a long strange trip it’s been”.  It is going to be that, for sure. I want desperately to be optimistic, but I am a realist. It is not going to be pretty.

I need to let you know at the outset that I am a III percenter. A patriot. If you are like-minded, great. If you aren’t; I’m ok with that too. If you are a government stooge; then I guess I am your enemy. I am a Christian, I believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God. I own guns and have a strict belief in my right to do so; that right is granted by my Creator, not by the Constitution or the Bill of Rights – both documents I believe were written by statesmen of the type we no longer have in our government. And I believe in them, for the most part. I drive one of those real big four wheel drive trucks, and I believe that while the sand in the middle east is “theirs”; the oil is ours because without us giving them the ability to drill and extract it; and a market to sell it to; they are goat herders and desert nomads. Not that there is something wrong with either of those things, but I want to share perspective with you. And you should know,  I will protect my family even if it means you will have to lose your life.

I don’t negotiate, and I will not take prisoners.

As for ‘stormfriend’…  well, let’s just say that there are “fair weather friends” and then there are…

Stormfriends. Those are the ones you call at 3 a.m. because you are stuck in the mud; or you need a jump start; or you and your kids don’t have any food and I know you would be there for me so I am there for you.

Here you may find song lyrics, you may find pictures to inspire, or scare, or awaken.

Here there be monsters. I ache for the country I grew up in; and I ache that my children and grandchildren had that stolen from them; perhaps because I was not watchful enough.

I am awake now. Vigilant. I read years ago that you don’t have to fear rattling sabers; because that is for show. “Look! I’ve got a saber…”

Drawing a saber makes no noise, only a whisper…

Do you hear?