About time…

and about me, as well.  I am a ‘maturing’ gentleman; with kids and grandkids and a good wife. I am employed, read the Bible (and believe it) and own firearms. I live in the United States, and at the present time using the criteria above; I am labeled a “domestic terrorist” because I do not believe the power of the state to be inerrant, infallible, or inestimable.  Sadly, it is what our Founding Fathers dreaded it could – would – become; if it became populated with politicians rather than statesmen.  In the past decade and a half, my family has relocated twice – coast to coast; and a few lesser times.  We aren’t alone in that, the country has become a bit more mobile and not always for the best reasons. But with that, I have had wonderful occasion to meet people across all strata of America.

And for the most part, although we are disillusioned (to say the least) one common thread we have is… disappointment. This is no longer the country of our birth. It has been taken from us; along with a substantial part of our liberty. To say we want it back is the epitome of understatement. We are quite certain at this juncture that we will have to “take” it back. I am hopeful but not unrealistic in this; the taking back will likely be much more… ‘exciting’ than the slow theft that has found us here. But I take heart in knowing that take it back we will.  We will avail ourselves of our strength. Numbers, for one. Firearms, for another. Truth, for yet another. For those who do not understand the “III”; or look at us as your opposition; my only hope is that you see: you are outnumbered, outmatched, and out of touch. Consider: how many ‘hunting rifles’; how many 4x4s; how much camping equipment; how much of everything there is arrayed and allied against you once the green flag drops. You may indeed get to turn 1 first. But there are a lot of laps in this race; and victory will go to those who come around turn 4 high in the banking; drop down low; pass you; and take the checkered flag.

It is our land, not theirs.  There is going to be a fight. Let’s win.

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